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Well at this time there is no off the shelf Ham radios to buy. So we have to use commercial radios and convert them to the ham band.

Radios Antennas and Parts Reports
Motorola MCS 2000 Model III Photo of KC6STT 900 MHz Beam Antenna KC6STT Report
Converta-Coms Photo of KE6CBJ 900 MHz Beam  
Motorola GTX 15 Element 900 MHz Astron Beam  
GTX 900 HT GTX 900 Mobile Beam 15 Element 12DB Gain  
Motorola Spectra 12 watt 128 ch 3 DB Gain NMO Mount  
Pin in and outs ..... Mic pins 5 DB Gain NMO Mount  
Spectra Remote Kit 1/4 Wave NMO Mount 3"  
Spectra A7 Head Desk Mic    
Spectra A7 Head BNC to SMA  
Spectra A5 Head Heliax Conn Exploded View  
Spectra Back Heliax Cable " Hard Line"  
Spectra Mini UHF    
Spectra 15Pin Din Spectra DTMF Mic.  
Spectra Power Motorola Speaker  
    Extra Stuff / Projects
Motorola MTX 9000 HT   Kens new 900 Repeater Story
Motorola MTX With Dipole   Photo 1 ........ Photo 2
Motorola MTX With STD Ant.   900 MHz Beam Project
Motorola MTX as Base Station   Power cable or Spectra


Guest Log

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