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The ARRL Southwestern Division Convention will host a large Flea Market Saturday morning Sept 23 just before the convention gets underway. It will open at 6AM in the back parking lot behind the hotel near where the Communication Vans display will be. There are no assigned spaces or reservations, so the first car in gets to choose the space. No tables or chairs are available, so all will be a "tailgate" affair. Please remove any unsold items by 10 AM, when the Flea Market closes. This early closing time is so all can enjoy the many facets of the ARRL Convention. At that time, please move your vehicle to the standard parking area as this lot is reserved for Hotel employees and they are most gracious to let us use it for a few hours Saturday morning. If you enjoy the Flea Market and all the "boat Anchors", be sure not to miss the Program "Collecting and Restoring Amateur Radios of the Past" at 11AM in the Balboa room! 73, WA6MHZ

Sunday 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Joe Madas will offer a FEMA NIMS IS700 - “Introduction to NIMS” course that is mandatory for all that participate in EMCOMM with public service agencies. The whole course and testing will be a max of three hours with breaks, and participants will receive a FEMA certificate of completion in the mail. Carl Gardenias will be assisting. Class is FEMA approved. Limit would be 30 participants. Use VEC Test Room for this course on Sunday.

To pre-reregister for the class please e-mail your Name, Call, Phone number and e-mail address to Joe Madas


VE Testing Ashley Room

Testing will be all day Saturday from 0800 to 1700hrs. The examination session fee is $5 payable in cash or check. No ATM or credit cards would be accepted. Please bring a government issued picture ID i.e. driver's license, military id or passport. The examiners will provide you with the NCVEC 605 form. If you have any CSCE's for upgrading please bring a copy and the original along with a current license if you have one. Please make sure that you bring a copy of your license AND the original. The examiners will retain the copy for their records. CW examinations will also be available. Please inform the examination team if you wish to take a CW examination.



Saturday 9/23 and Sunday 9/24 San Diego, CA
The Southwest Division ARRL Convention
T-Hunts will offer something for everybody!
(Including prizes!)

Saturday night’s hunt will start at 6:00PM. It will be a medium boundary hunt and will be timed (over at 8:00PM). Standard clearance passenger cars will have no problem with this hunt. There will be two transmitters, vertically polarized. The main T will have a 30 second duty cycle and be at least an S3 signal at the start point. The secondary T will be low power and sniffing will be required to locate it.

Gather after the hunt at a local eatery to share food and beverage. Prizes for first and second place. Sunday’s hunt will begin at 2:00PM. This hunt will be a mileage hunt that will end at 7:00PM. Once again, standard clearance passenger cars will have no problem with this hunt. This hunt will have multiple transmitters and various polarizations. Duty cycles may vary but there will be at least 10 seconds of signal from each T every minute. This hunt is intended to be a challenge.

Prizes will be awarded at the completion of this hunt. If I get enough RSVP’s I will host a BBQ at the final transmitter. Please RSVP to Tom Sneden, K6VCR at 760/535-7761 or email on or before Thursday 9/21 (sooner is better!).

Did I mention that there will be prizes for BOTH hunts…

We would like to encourage all T-Hunters to participate in these hunts. If you have questions, please contact Tom Sneden, K6VCR for details ( For the Fullerton Saturday night crowd, I have patterned Saturday's hunt to be "doppler friendly". We will be taking pictures of teams and equipment setups for publication. If you would like to submit a list of your equipment to go along with the pictures, email it to me or bring it with you to the hunt. To be eligible to win a prize, you must be a registered attendee of the convention. Standard T-Hunt rules of engagement apply. Private roads and NO TRESPASSING signs must be obeyed.

73 de Tom K6VCR


Pool Side Mixer - No Host Bar

Text to come soon!

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